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April 3, 2019
Spring has Sprung!;-)
The trees have already largely leafed back out and with some rain along with mild temperatures the last month, it has been easy for plants, including the palms, to start turning green and begin growing again! For those of you who did not get "The Palms of Cuba" book as hoped during the holidays, you can still get a copy autographed and sent with free shipping throughout the US for the low price of $39.95! Visit our online store or click on the book ad on this home page to find out more information!

Welcome to THE website dedicated to anything and everything about palms.

Here you will find information about every species of palm ever named.  Under the tab ‘About Palms’ there is information about what a palm is and their classification.  As time goes on, taxonomic information, cultural and horticultural information, and landscape requirements will be added for each species.  Some of the articles that will be added include growing and caring for palms, palm propagation, proper palm nutrition, disease and pest problems of palms, and container palms for indoors.

Besides being an informational site, we offer books, clothing, and other handmade and palm inspired products from around the world through our online store.

Links to other sources of information about palms are also provided such as palm societies, institutions, and public botanical gardens. This site is constantly updated as more information and photos become available.  Just keeping up with taxonomic name changes is at times a challenge as well as new species being discovered on a semi-regular basis.

Take some time and explore these pages as there is much to see. Sign up for our Newsletter to find out about additions we have recently made to the website and for information about new developments happening in the world of palms.


Have a great palmy day